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200886 (Clipper), 200947 (Blades), 200992 (Handles)

Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Keystone dehorner that is a quality and performanc Dehorner. This handles on the Keystone is designed for ht e usein vonfined area such as cattle chates, etc. The keystone is designed for use in tippng horns, dehorning smaller animals, and for use in confined spaves such as cattle chutes. A special improvemen in the design and construction of this tool makes it the most powerful in the Keystone line. It's designed to provide the greatest power where it is needed, at the beginning of the cutting stroke. This is accoplished through the use of a tapering rack and corresponding eccentric gears. As the blades move fruther through the cutting circle, its action becomes progressively faster and the horn is neatly severed with one clean stroke. The powerful cutting stroke is aided by the use of extra long handles. This design make it an excellend choice for small and large herds. Also its 8cm macimum blade ppening will allow you to dehorn even the largst bulls.

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