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Vetnet Code:  248157  (each)
Barcode:  9323837002773

Vetnet supply the NJ Phillips 5ml Push Injector & Bottle mount syringe (PAS1149B) that is designed for injectable products only.  Do not use it for ay other application other than injecting.  The manufacturer will not take responsibility for incorrect use of the injector.

This syringe is suitable for:  Cattle, Pigs & Sheep.
The bottle mount is well-balanced and easy to fit as the bottle is centered over the injector.  Dial-a-dose system provides 10 quick and easy to select doses.  Dual-purpose injector easily changed from bottle mount to direct feed tube.  Ready for use as a bottle mount injector for standard 20mm neck vaccine bottles. 

Service kit WX1561 available separately.

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